My life of theater

Bo Terrill and cast while working on UF's spring musical Funny Girl

By: Bo Terrill
Twitter: because_terrill

Theater has always been a major part of my life, even if it isn’t my major.
All through high school, I was auditioning for the annual musical and singing everyday in choir. Even if I didn’t get a part until my junior and senior year, going to the play was enough for me to enjoy.
Although, I really didn’t know how much different the theater was until I started my freshman year this fall at the University of Findlay.
My career in theater started during the first week of school when I had heard about the UF Theater Scholarship program. Being as I was already wanting to be involved in some regard, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to dip my feet in the waters of college theater and see everything it had to offer.
The first college audition I had was for Antigone in the beginning of the year. This was a play I hadn’t heard of before, but was happy to read about beforehand and get comfortable with the major plot points. Prior to the audition, I only knew a few people also in the scholarship program, but when I was casted as Guard #3, I really got to know everybody involved.
It was reassuring to know that while many of the actors in UF’s Theater program were theater majors or minors, there were also a lot of people like me who just have a deep love for acting although no desire to pursue a career in it. During Antigone, I truly discovered a community of funny and happy people who are willing to take in anyone else who enjoyed reading a script.
As my first year at UF begins to come to close, my one pleasure is knowing that while it is indeed an end for this spring semester of acting, I still have another three years with these wonderful people ahead of me, as well as another three years to improve my acting skills.

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